Indies, More Powerful Than Ever

  • Date 4th August 2020
Indies, More Powerful Than Ever

For several months now, the discussion in agencies, & organisations of all sizes, has been around mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on the health of the business. The pandemic has shed light on inefficiencies and required many to reshape and adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

It’s natural for agencies, especially indies, to embrace this shift as it’s arguably second nature to them. Indies have a history of working with fewer resources, and that’s where they thrive. Without unnecessary added layers of bureaucracy, indies are able to provide direct access to senior leaders and to respond to the market with agility and confidence.

Even before COVID, project timelines were constantly being shortened with the demand for new campaigns coming at an increasing pace. By anticipating and ideating in real time, independent agencies are able to respond to relevant changes in the audience and micro-cultures. With no room for error, brands are expected to speak the language of their audience – missteps are quickly spotted – and can lead to brand rejection. This always-on branding approach is certainly a challenge which indies are embracing. But is it a trend we want to perpetuate across the board?

Independent speaks for itself. The nature of the such an organisation frees it to foster thinking and genuine innovation. How can we ensure we build in time for thinking to ensure we can respond when there is no time? All organisations can afford to stop to allow time to build a strong strategic framework to help realise their goals – and subsequently budget time for contemplation, comparison and then innovation. It’s this ability to find the time to think that we believe allows indies to set the agenda for improvement.

If you’d like some of our thinking time – we’d love to hear from you.

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