Creative Copywriter

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Creative Copywriter

No, we don’t want another writer. We want a thinker. A lover. A fighter. Maybe even someone a little crazy. Oh, and you must be able to scribe damn good copy. You dazzle with brilliance better than you baffle with bullshit. You’re certainly no novice, and maybe not a seasoned pro, but you’re frothing like Pop Rocks in Pepsi to unleash out of the box creative - because the next big thing could put your name in lights.

Digital is your second language, understanding people is your first. Becoming a brand’s architect of influence excites you. Why? Because you’re an inventor, storyteller and collaborator who’s full of wild ideas. So if the time is right and you’ve grown out of your old world, we welcome you to an inspiring new one.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Strong in ideation with a goal to achieve award-winning creative work
  • Provide writing support and expertise in a wide variety of executional media
  • Write-ups of creative concepts and campaigns for presentation to clients and internal agency teams
  • Headlines and body copy for print advertising, direct marketing, POS, OOH, interactive media, etc.
  • Concepts, scripts and production of television and radio advertising, training and sales videos, etc.
  • Work with outside resources for radio, television and video production to execute work that meets client needs and agency creative standards
  • Successful execution of projects within established budgets, timeframes and on strategy
  • Partners effectively with other creatives and across agency multi-disciplinary teams
  • Develops thorough understanding of client’s business as well as their competitor’s
  • Resourceful researcher
  • Provides pertinent information to team members on timely basis
  • Actively participates/contributes to brainstorms
  • Presents work internally and to client
  • Demonstrates understanding of full scope of agency’s offerings
  • Utilises agency resources appropriately and effectively
  • Valuable contributor to client team
  • Mentors more junior team members
  • Can successfully navigate and challenge a strategy

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