Mid-Weight Copywriter

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Mid-Weight Copywriter

No, we don’t want another writer. We want a thinker. A lover of words. A fighter for ideas. You dazzle with brilliance better than you baffle with bullshit. You’re certainly no novice, and maybe not a seasoned pro, but you’re frothing like Pop Rocks in Pepsi to unleash out of the box creative - because the next big thing could put your name in lights. Digital is your second language, understanding people is your first. Becoming a brand’s architect of influence excites you. Why? Because you’re hungry to make a difference & put your stamp on it. So if the time is right and you’ve grown out of your old world, we welcome you to an inspiring new one.

Does this sound like you?

Experience Minimum of 3-4+ years copywriting experience in an agency environment across different categories and channels

Love Ideas The ability to initiate, identify and nurture fresh and exciting ideas that influence behaviour

Literary Giant Dazzling written & verbal skills. You relish the short and sharp, but equally revel in the long copy craft

Multichannel You revel in writing for any medium, in any category. You understand the difference between digital, direct, content, print, outdoor and radio and anything else we might dream up. Importantly, you have the skills to adapt to each mediums’ idiosyncrasies

Strategic Strength Develop creative strategies that meet business needs through a clear understanding of  brand, category and brief objectives

Progressive Nothing stands still and nor do you. You’re forward thinking, love tech and keeping up with industry trends when you’re not creating your own

Disciplined You meet deadlines and budgets without exception

Craft –centric You have a fire in your belly to nothing but the best, you own briefs & answer every challenge to the highest standard

Commercial Savvy Your business acumen shines through in your ideas and strategic thinking

Resourceful Researcher You bring our value of curiosity to life in all that you do, you dig deeper and ask why and know how to find the unfindable

Detail Obsessed With a sharp eye for detail, you think things through and maintain an iron like grip on brand & factual integrity

Work ethics You know there’s no ‘I’ in team, but you don’t need your hand held to get things done


  • You’ll work directly with an Art Director under the mentorship of our award-winning Creative Director and in collaboration with the broader agency team.
  • Briefs will span a broad cross section of categories and challenges, from automotive to FMCG, to cats & dogs to babies: a very different day every day.
  • Available immediately.


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