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Office Wizard Required

You are the butter to our bread, the air to our flame, the… well you get the picture, without you, things just don’t work. A born beginner, middler and finisher, you get jobs done quickly, efficiently and on time. You thrive on solving problems without making a fuss. You’re great with people and seeing the big picture whilst sweating the details, you’re most satisfied when those around you are happy. 

You’ve worked in an office manager role or similar for at least four to five years, some of which has been with an ad agency or creative environment.

You’ll have experience juggling a number of administrative and functional tasks and very comfortable reporting to senior management on a daily basis. The primary responsibility of this role is to provide necessary support to ensure the smooth and efficient day to day operations of AFFINITY.

So, every day will be different and might include various levels of support to outright ownership of tasks including but not limited to:

  • Keeping internal operations documents including handbooks and policy documents completely up to date and ship shape
  • Ensuring the onboarding of all new team members and freelancers is as seamless and wonderful an experience as possible, along with ensuring necessary compliance with all policies and laws
  • Organising all internal and external catering, events, training and team travel needs
  • Looking after all one-off & periodic orders and service providers to keep things humming
  • Providing back up support for curating up-to-date web, social and PR content for AFFINITY
  • Being the go-to person to sort things out when something in the agency breaks down or needs to be done
  • Assisting the finance function with book-keeping and every day financial records, accounts payable and receivable as expenses management
  • Overseeing all IT and comms systems work flawlessly, key liaison with our IT lead

In order to be this pillar of strength and all round awesomeness you’ll have the following skills and background: 

  • A minimum of 5 years office management experience in a small to medium sized business, including some time in a creative agency environment
  • Outstanding organisational skills are essential
  • Excellent verbal and written skills, with zealous attention to detail
  • Ability to point to examples of demonstrating initiative, self-sufficiency, resourcefulness and a team player is essential
  • Experience working throughout every level of a small to mid-sized organisation is critical,  with the proven ability to manage sensitive materials and information
  • Proficient (comfortable & confident) in most IT systems, including established skills in using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint/Keynote (we’re a Mac agency)
  • Experience in platforms such as Hootsuite and using CMS would be ideal but not essential

AFFINITY is Australia’s most effective digital agency (WARC Effective 100 - 2017, 2018 & 2019) – awarded for the past three years.

A full service media and advertising agency globally recognised as leaders in leveraging the power of data and the potency of creativity, to consistently deliver a measurable difference to brands and businesses.

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