Affinity Marketing - When 1 + 1 = 3

  • Date 26th October 2011
  • Author Affinity
Affinity Marketing - When 1 + 1 = 3

We met with someone yesterday who reminded us of how brilliant it is when marketers have a strong & intuitive understanding of their brands that enable them to create synergies that really separate them from the pack. This understanding really only works when coupled with the courage of corporates who enable brand managers to take risks and effect innovation will separate the meek and mediocre from the rising stars.

The concept of affinity has many different faces that help us here at Affinity to more powerfully interpret the world of marketing and advertising. One such view is the term, “Affinity Marketing”, where like-minded, and like-souled brands work together to generate outcomes greater than the sum of the parts.

Like San Pellegrino and Missoni, and more recently, Bulgari (a sweet celebration of all things wonderfully Italian), Nike + iPod sensor (smart reinvention of the pedometer), McDonalds and numerous movie franchises and so on.

missoni & san pellegrino affinity marketing

These partnerships not only add an a new dimension to the respective brands, they also cleverly leverage respective brand lovers to create a genius new communications channel. The result being to opens up the eyes and minds of consumers that wouldn’t otherwise have considered brands previously. And done well, the pairing enhances and strengthens affinity with existing brand fans.

Unfortunately we can’t tell you right now about the forthcoming collaboration we were privy to yesterday. But know that it involves an extremely well respected innovator in design (we’re talking rock star credentials here) and an iconic Australian brand with über credentials in environmental and practical innovation. It’s quite inspired. We’re very much looking forward to seeing the fruits of their symbiosis in April 2012.

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