EA Sports Giferator shows you how to engage online

  • Date 17th September 2014
EA Sports Giferator shows you how to engage online

As you might have gathered from previous entries, we love a good GIF and this is no exception.

Just in time for  the latest US football season, Madden GIFERATOR promotes EA Sports’ signature football game, Madden NFL 15. During every NFL game,  it uses Madden NFL 15 game footage to create a live stream of GIF highlights triggered by action on the field.

It’s sweetly done so you feel like you’re creating something with just three clicks, the Giferator let’s you share your very own GIF creation whether it be funny or spiteful with friends or rivals.

If you’re planning to ask people to do something online here’s a few golden rules. Make it:

  1. Accessible – put it in the right place at the right time, for e.g. this initiative considered that 84% of Americans watch TV with a second screen nearby
  2. Easy to use – a few clicks, no downloads
  3. Ownable – let me feel like it’s uniquely mine
  4. Meaningful – Totally relevant to their interests (remember time and place)
  5. Shareable – something I won’t feel like an idiot putting my name to and want  to share

We don’t follow the NFL, but my kids (sub 10 yo) found this hilarious and we struggled to drag them off. Not the intended target, but hey, demonstrates the easy part. See more of their “work” below:



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