Future of Communications a Question of Evolution

  • Date 18th July 2013
Future of Communications a Question of Evolution

At the MAD conference yesterday, Uwe Hook, Group Digital Director for OMD Worldwide, proposed advertising should be less about messaging, and more about services.

When you think about the evolution of our industry, a few years ago this wouldn’t have been conceivable. The focus was on catchy claims that convinced consumers to buy, buy, buy.

But now, consumers can access more information, faster than ever, and compare any brand any time before choosing. They’ve also become sell-sumers – offering their own services: renting out cars, exchanging houses and selling skills. So as consumers become their own brand, how should brands approach them?

It’s an interesting challenge that will probably see the emergence and disappearance of new and old brands respectively, something Hook was at pains to warn us about. And it demands our industry to constantly adapt as society evolves. We can do this first considering our peer as a partner instead of a target: partners that we approach, listen to and converse with.

No one likes being harassed by non-relevant messages crowding their day. But when the right partner is identified and shares the same interests, conversation flows and it becomes easier to positively offer your services.

Interesting case study:

- YouTube

How are you changing your perspective from targeting to partnering?

Better input always leads to greater outcomes

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