High Art

  • Date 17th February 2013
  • Author Affinity
High Art

There’s no denying I’m a big fan of Virgin. Disclosure out of the way. In yet another demonstration of redefining the category, Virgin Atlantic has launched it’s “Gallery in the Air”.

The various Virgin air franchises constantly challenge and evolve the whole notion of air travel, refusing to accept the status quo. And unlike so many operators, it’s not always with a direct eye on optimising their bottom line (ala Ryan Air, Southwest, Jet Star and so on). Instead they enhance your enjoyment and therefore build brand affinity – worth so much more than saving a couple of cents by deleting some inclusions from the morning tea cookies.

So, what can you do to improve your brand experience? Start by ensuring you’re slipping into your consumers’ shoes more often and talking and experiencing your brand from their point of view more often. I’ll guarantee you’ll be surprised about how much your own personal market research will unearth compared with paying someone else to tell you about your business.

Read more about Virgin Atlantic’s “Gallery in the Air” from Springwise and let us know if you’re upper class enough to have experienced it first hand.

Better input always leads to greater outcomes

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