How Fast Do You Bank?

  • Date 3rd July 2020
  • Author William Galipeau
How Fast Do You Bank?
  • People are more likely to stay with their bank than they are to stay with their partner (17 years on average)

  • New entrants to the banking sector are challenging this behavioural paradigm by reducing friction and prioritising customer experience (CX)

  • First direct (traditional bank) required 5 times the number of clicks than Revolut (quickest – challenger bank)

Challenger banks are able to disrupt the status quo by quickly adapting to today’s need for speed while keeping the customer front of mind.  We consistently see convenience as a key driver of brand choice, no matter the category. Companies who prioritise a positive customer experience throughout every touch will come out on top.

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This post was inspired by content from Built for Mars; image: Built for Mars

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