Our Fresh Approach for Birch & Waite

  • Date 10th December 2015
Our Fresh Approach for Birch & Waite

According to the unofficial history of advertising, a client brief for a Mayonnaise and salad dressings brand, to many agencies, means it’s time to slap together a jingle or perhaps a cheesy 30 second spot about mum packing the kid’s lunches for the day. We clearly wanted to avoid this for Birch & Waite, so we looked to take a fresh approach – literally.

It all started with strategy. Birch & Waite has been the No. 1 choice of Australian chefs* for over 25 years, but while this claim is impressive, the message had never been told to mainstream consumers who were used buying preservative ridden mayonnaise and salad dressing in the aisle.

This led to our strategic positioning: Chefs only buy fresh.

After throwing around an array of ideas, our end result was concept we called ‘Passion for Fresh’. Injecting some personality into the brand, we created a 45 sec spot (with 30 sec cut-down) featuring an everyday female shopper’s internal monologue, convincing herself to shift from the supermarket shelf and head towards the fridge. A crescendo of classical music added to this emotional journey, ending with a twist. 

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The concept engaged the interest of arguably Australia’s best production company, Curious Film. Our chosen director team, distinctively known as Boomshaka, then did an amazing job within an extremely tight schedule. The cast were brilliant, comical timing was spot-on and the premium cinematography resulted in the ‘big ad’ feel we were all after. The shoot was 10 hours of fast-moving action – with so much energy in the air, it’s hard to believe we filmed right through until 6 in the morning. 

Now all wrapped up, everyone is extremely proud of the creative result – not to mention the exciting amount of engagement we’re already seeing with the ads. So far the campaign has averaged an 18.3% view rate, which is double our client’s expectations, producing a 1360% uplift in traffic to the Birch & Waite website. It’s too early to tell regarding sales, but we’re quietly confident that we’re onto a winner.

So keep an eye out for it in Woolworths yourself – in case you didn’t know, you’ll find it in the fridge.

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