Power of Emotion - DearPhotograph

  • Date 8th June 2012
Power of Emotion - DearPhotograph

There’s nothing like connecting with your past, especially when it evokes feelings of nostalgia, creating a strong emotional link to times gone by.

Photographs are an incredibly powerful way to do so, reminding us of our old friends, good times, celebrations and adventures. And sometimes even of loved ones who are no longer with us.

So when we discovered the website dearphotograph.com, we were immediately captivated.

Not only does the site allow users to recreate their old photographs but it can put loved ones back in the picture in a very simple and engaging way.

The website is consumer-generated, encouraging users to submit their own photos. The stories that accompany each picture are quirky, inspiring, funny and sometimes even sad but each one is heartfelt; you just can’t help but be moved.

Looking at this site, we’re reminded of the power of emotion in advertising, especially harnessing the feelings of nostalgia. Brands that are able to tap into these feelings can expect to develop a much deeper and rewarding relationship with their consumers. It’s not always easy to do but as these photographs demonstrate, it doesn’t need to be complicated either.

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