Selected To Speak At Sxsw 2015: How We’re Making Data Tasty

  • Date 3rd February 2015
Selected To Speak At Sxsw 2015: How We’re Making Data Tasty

We’re thrilled to be selected as the only independent Australian agency to present at South by SouthWest festival of digital creativity in Austin, Texas this March.

We’ve been chosen to present a workshop (click here for details) on helping brands and agencies manage and measure real digital outcomes for campaigns (using a range of data available to businesses small and large).

The premise of our submission was that data is pretty much like bacon. It’s delicious when cooked but unpalatable raw.

We’re incredibly excited about the session, not just beacuse optimising the mechanics of digital marketing are what we live and breathe, but also because ROI is a topic that is so central to this event

We think it’s a pretty big deal, and our selection comes after a huge amount of work put in by the whole team behind the scenes to make this happen.

SXSW Interactive is known as the world’s biggest tech conference where creativity meets technology and enterprise. Over 30,000 of the best and brightest in the industry converge for the latest in creativity and technology.

As anyone who has been lucky enough to attend will tell you, it’s a pretty special event. As the launchpad of Twitter, the festival deserves a special place in the hearts of the digital community. But it continues to be a real opportunity for digi and tech free thinkers to gather and exchange ideas that have the potential to take on the world.

As digital marketers, we know that creativity on its own without the metrics to support it, is purely art. What we’re bringing to this year’s event is best practice for businesses to create meaningful and measurable digital outcomes. We’ll be demonstrating tools & methodologies to save months of their lives (and sanity), whilst enabling them to achieve real and actionable insights from the infinite world of data.

Working closely with our clients, our appreciation has only grown for the challenge for CMOs to consistently prove multichannel campaigns make a difference to the bottom line has only grown. It’s why we’ve invested so much time and IP into developing our own data management platforms and technology. But tools and platforms only get you so far, It’s the brains and experience that you back it up with that get you real results.

So, it’s this working insight that we’ll be exporting be to SXSW this year. We’ll be sharing the tools and methods we’ve used here for our clients with an international audience.

It’s a big deal, but we feel we have a responsibility to reboot the conversation around mastering data, and making big data just that little bit more appetising.

As written up in B&T and AdNews.

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