St Luke's Billboards

  • Date 12th May 2011
  • Author Affinity
St Luke's Billboards

What is it?

Creative agency BVK teamed up with Saint Luke’s Health System in an effort rebrand St Luke’s Health System and help to establish them as the area’s lead clinic for heart, neuro and cancer. For the first few weeks the billboards appeared as a simple white billboard with words like ‘impossible’, ‘hopeless’ and ‘unbelievable’. The billboards attracted a lot of attention from the media, blogs and Facebook and twitter.
The billboards were then updated revealing they were part of campaign for Saint Luke’s Health System, covering up parts of the words with medical equipment changing the words to something much positive e.g. possible, hope & believable.

Why we like it?

Outdoor is notoriously a difficult medium to get right. St Luke’s has managed to create outdoor advertising that drives consumer engagement, rather than the typical rework of a print ad. In doing so the ads created a lot of hype and interest before people even knew what the ads were for. The upshot is that consumers would have anticipated the reveal & therefore the heightened the effectiveness final message take out.

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