SXSW: We're Doing a Sequel in 2016

  • Date 14th August 2015
SXSW: We're Doing a Sequel in 2016

This March we were super privileged to present a sold out digital marketing workshop at SXSW 2015.

We’ve collated feedback from attendees to work out what more you need to know to help offer the best possible Austin experience in 2016.

But we won’t be on stage without your help.

We’ll be helping businesses decipher the language of digital with tools, techniques and metrics to enable and empower the C-suite from marketing to IT to finance. But that's only if we get enough votes on SXSW’s Panel Picker. That’s where you come in. Please click the link below and follow the instructions to register and vote for us.

Unlocking Digital Marketing for the C-Suite


If you haven’t already registered, you’re missing out, let’s get that fixed now.

Once you’ve clicked on the link above, you’ll arrive at the submission page. In the top right hand corner you’ll be asked to Sign In. Click there and you’ll go to a Sign In page – Click on Create Account. They’ll only need three small pieces of ID from you (name first and last and email address) & voila, you’re officially registered to vote!

Finally, go back through our submission and give us the thumbs up.

And that’s it. There’s only three weeks to go before voting closes and the conference speakers are locked and loaded. Our fate is in your hands – go forth and vote to make it the conference you want.

Better input always leads to greater outcomes

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