Target your company name, even if you rank #1

  • Date 16th April 2015
Target your company name, even if you rank #1

Not everyone currently bids against their own brand keywords. Some more conservative digital marketing managers feel that since you already rank you shouldn’t have to pay to make sure people find your site.

Despite this, most businesses currently include their brand name in their targeted keyword list, so why do they do it?

Although controversial, there are some excellent reasons to include your brand name in your keyword target list. For example: 

  • To stop your competitors from getting the jump on you.
  • To push a tactical message or offer towards a qualified audience.
  • To find workarounds to site SEO issues which present a commercially less relevant page to customers in organic search.

Even though, on the face of it, you are paying for traffic you might already have earned, the actual cost is minimal. As Google recognises that you are the authority on yourself, giving you a high quality score, and discount what you pay per click to around a one-thousandth of what you’d normally pay.

Ultimately the benefits outweigh the cost, and that’s even before you start using the data you collect to drive brand, category and product insights.

Better input always leads to greater outcomes

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