The Evolution of the Agency Suit

  • Date 11th November 2015
  • Author Jaclyn Campbell
The Evolution of the Agency Suit

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be in a room filled with 150 Account Service Suits, here’s your chance to get the insider’s scoop on what we talk about.

Last night, our business management team (also known as account service) went to an event called ‘The Evolution of the Agency Suit’. Okay, I’ll admit, we were initially sold when we saw the invitation included complimentary food and drinks. But in all seriousness, we thought it would be a great opportunity to be in a room with people like us; people who work in advertising agencies, in Sydney, in account service. We’ve all been to marketing conferences with a mix of roles in one room, only to find that maybe only half the content is actually relevant to our role. So, there’s something special when it’s a niche event with panel speakers who simply get it.

So, what exactly did we talk about? Here are three key takeaways that stuck with us. 

  1. Hello hybrid marketers. Consumers live in a multi-channel world, so we need multi-channel knowledge across all disciplines to stay ahead of the curve. Gone are the days of being the glue that holds the team together and ensuring the project launches on time and on budget. Yes, that is still a major part of our role, but we also need to add value. More specifically, we’re talking about strategy. It doesn’t matter if we’re an intern, or a Group Account Director. Thinking strategically for our clients and their business will ultimately set us apart and allow us to gain respect with internal and external stakeholders. Beyond strategy, it’s critical to gain knowledge in multiple areas of the marketing world.
    TIP: If you’re lacking confidence or knowledge in a particular area, grab your pen and paper and ask to shadow a different department for a few hours. You won’t lose anything by being a hybrid marketer, so what are you waiting for?

  2. Be curious. Here at Affinity, our four values are Craft, Collaboration, Courage, and Curiosity; so this topic really hit home. We’ve always believed that curiosity is an excellent approach to ‘challenge’ our client’s brief, business challenges and/or feedback. You can challenge ideas without being challenging. Rather than coming across as harsh, defensive, or non-approachable, instead try asking your clients ‘why’. Be curious behind your client’s reasoning. Often clients will appreciate curiosity (if it’s done in the right way). Better yet, encourage your clients to be curious – this is where the magic happens.

  3. Celebrate together. One of the suits in the audience asked a question to the panel; “why is it that every time something doesn’t go as planned, it’s our fault, but when a campaign is a hit, we never get any recognition?” The brutally honest response she got from one of the panel speakers was “You’re not working at the right agency”. I couldn’t agree more with this response. The best part about working in an agency is the fact that it’s a team effort. Thankfully, the Affinity family works as a family, and celebrates as a family. Don’t ever let your value go unnoticed!

As a whole, it was a worthwhile event and encouraged those in account service to ask questions, think about the future of agencies, and think of solutions to bring more value to our every day roles.

Next time you get the chance to go to a niche event that’s relevant to you, it may be worth stopping by.

A special thank you to Firebrand Talent team for hosting the event. 

Better input always leads to greater outcomes

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