The Online Shopping War Has Begun

  • Date 24th July 2020
  • Author William Galipeau
The Online Shopping War Has Begun
Uncontested Leader

Amazon is a shopping behemoth. It’s so well established as the no.1 shopping destination that 1 in 2 Americans looking to buy start on Amazon, with only 22 percent going first to Google (Civic Science). No wonder Amazon reported revenues of $280.5 billion USD in 2019.

Piece of the pie

Google recently announced a change to their terms of service eliminating retailer fees for Google’s shopping service. It’s no surprise to see Google fighting back with this tactic along with a series of changes designed to attract more merchants to its shopping platform.

Sign of the times

The timing for this announcement couldn’t be better for Google as we’ve recently seen a huge spike in ecommerce as well as a wave of small businesses forced to sell online due to COVID-19. 

Even though Google wouldn’t comment on these moves being part of a bigger attempt in competing with Amazon, we always love to companies competing for market share as this tension will lead to faster innovation, with consumers and retailers ultimately benefiting from a better service experience.

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Image Credit: Bloomberg

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