The power of branding - in any language

  • Date 5th February 2015
The power of branding - in any language

Through a stunning artistic experiment in brand identity, Turkish artist Mehmet Gözetlik proves that iconic brands are iconic anywhere in the world. Is it the countless hours of advertising behind them, or perhaps the genius in colour selection and design? Whatever the case, this thought provoking test proves that language is no barrier for powerful brands.

Accompanied by a short video documenting the process of neon sign maker Asım Doğan, this series adapts famous western brand logos with Chinese descriptions of what they represent, such as ‘toy’, ‘credit card’ or ‘sneakers’. For brand marketers, they prove a strong case for the benefits of an established brand identity and unique iconography.

How many brands can you pinpoint?

Placing zero emphasis on taglines and copy, these logo re-designs draw attention to the significant importance a brand should place on its consistent visual strategy.

Better input always leads to greater outcomes

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