TrinityP3 Podcast: The Relationship Between Strategy And Creativity

  • Date 4th September 2020
TrinityP3 Podcast: The Relationship Between Strategy And Creativity

It was brilliant to be invited to be a guest on Darren Woolley’s Managing Marketing podcast to discuss a subject we’re truly passionate about: the way strategy and creativity work together to create better outcomes for clients.

Collaboration is one of AFFINITY’s core values. We’ve even painted it on our office wall as daily reminder that our best work comes through the sharing of ideas (good, bad and sometimes really bad … we won’t name names)

Whether it’s through Foundation Meetings – quick project kick-off meetings including each of our department heads (creative, strategy, research, performance and relevant subject matter experts); or collaborative briefs and brainstorms between strategist and creatives. We’ve set up processes and approaches to problem solving that help us foster chemistry between teams. 

“For a truly integrated creative and strategic approach it’s really great if you’ve got the opportunity to look at the ‘what’ data and then the qualitative human ‘why’. Sometimes it’s the little bit in between, the gold nugget right in the middle. You can’t do one without the other. That’s really exciting for us.” – Angela Smith, Chief Brand Officer AFFINITY

The result is rather than just focusing on outputs; we’re all contributing to, and confident in the delivery of, truly business-transforming outcomes for our clients.

Listen to the full conversation from Managing Marketing with Darren Woolley below:

Better input always leads to greater outcomes

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