What an Effective Way to Kick Off 2021

  • Date 26th February 2021
  • Author Luke Brown
What an Effective Way to Kick Off 2021

IPA’s Advertising Works 25, Proving The Payback in Marketing Investment little gold book hit our desks this month and it’s always a pinch-ourselves-moment when we opened its revered pages to see our agency, AFFINITY, and our award-winning work for Central Coast Tourism highlighted amongst such global luminaries as Audi, Lloyds, Tesco and John Lewis, to name a few.

To quote Convenor of the 2020 IPA Effectiveness Awards and Chief Transformation Officer at Mediacom, Sue Unerman: “The alchemy of effectiveness and creative and media working together is particularly potent in the papers from Audi, Central Coast (winner of the prize for Best International), Lloyds and Tesco.”

A definite agency milestone defining moment! We look forward to the IPA’s published papers every year as it is a must-read playbook for those of us in the advertising, marketing and creative industries. It’s not just about the best in creativity, it is about the impact of that creative work on the business bottom line. It is one of the world’s most prestigious and rigorously judged effectiveness competitions. Hence the need to shout out our inclusion from the rooftops!

 As self-confessed data and technology geeks we were also thrilled by Kate Waters, ITV Director of Client Strategy and Planning’s article on Measurement and Magic: “The Central Coast used technology to run a real-world experiment to assess the most powerful creative territory for its campaign. The value of this was not just in creating a large and statistically robust pool of evidence to get funders on board, but also discovered, when trying to shift deeply entrenched negative attitudes, there is an inherent danger in relying on claimed behaviour to guide message development, as people are very bad judges of how they are likely to behave in the real world. The large-scale experiment – which formed the first phase of the campaign – not only tested different creative approaches across multiple touchpoints, it deliberately and cleverly built friction into the customer journey in order to ensure they identified the most motivating territory, which was capable of overcoming those deeply entrenched attitudes.”

Gold award-winner, Tesco, was a stand-out. It is a great example of the value of marketing and communications in building both brand and business. Not only is it a true turnaround story but a great proof point in the value of putting employee and customer experience front and centre of the marketing strategy.

The featured case studies are detailed and lift the veil on the strategy behind them as well as the execution that delivered the outcomes. As well there are insights and thinking from industry experts on lessons to be learnt from these award-winning case studies. Definitely a must-read: https://ipa.co.uk/news/ipa-publishes-advertising-works-25

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