What the Eff!?

  • Date 6th July 2018
What the Eff!?

After edging out McDonald’s and Disney at the WARC Awards, the predictive model and programmatic strategy developed for Prospan, under the “Don’t Ignore A Cough”, is yet again disrupting the awards scene.

AFFINITY just received news of our shortlisting for the upcoming 2018 IPA Effectiveness Awards. It means either a Bronze, Silver or Gold award aloft on 9 October. With a focus entirely on ROI for our clients, our shortlisting at one of the world’s toughest effectiveness competitions is a nomination we’ll be hoisting. This timely recognition comes in after another eventful week at AFFINITY, where following a three-way pitch, AFFINITY won a $4m media account with small appliance maker De’Longhi.

Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder

While crafting an advertising campaign, design and creativity are key. However, a beautiful campaign that is not seen loses its beauty. By having a streamlined process across Tech, Creative, Research Media, Business management and Strategy, we’re able to own every part of the process and demonstrate that data can be both creative and effective – delivering real value to our client’s business – And that’s by getting your campaign seen.

Why were we shortlisted?

Prospan, a natural cough remedy suitable for young children approached us with the objectives of increasing their sales on a comparatively tiny marketing budget.  We uncovered and leveraged existing behaviours, then used big data to build the world’s first cough prediction algorithm. It told us when children would get sick across Australia by suburb, allowing us to only turn on our media in those suburbs at those times. All of which meant we could deliver the perfect message at precisely the right time to concerned Australian mums.

This story is about more than just success in adverse conditions. It’s about the power of resourcefulness over resources and how, with some smart thinking, adversity can be transformed into opportunity. 

Better input always leads to greater outcomes

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