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Diving into Data for Narellan Pools


Amongst a barrage of brands shouting for attention over the summertime pool buying rush, we challenged ourselves to shape an innovative summer campaign for Narellan Pools with a smarter method of spending across their 49 individual regional and metro centres. 


First up, we crafted an insightful digital and pre-roll campaign celebrating that first ‘dive in’ moment of owning your very own pool. But to be truly innovative, we dived deep into data – to ensure the right people were engaging with it at exactly the right moment.

Through our intense interrogation of first-party and third-party data we unearthed a targeting nirvana. We identified a set of specific factors that acted as the tipping-point to a sale – hacking our programmatic buying tools to turn them on, only when these specific conditions were met.

Our data-driven targeting allowed maximised exposure of our insightful campaign to exactly the right audience – and only at their tipping point of purchase consideration – delivering game-changing results.


  • We REDUCED Narellan Pools’ media spend by over 30%

  • At the same time, we INCREASED sales by 23%

  • Creating a record-breaking incremental ROI of 54:1

  • Yes, that's a $54 return from every dollar spent!                     

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